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Flower seed packaging has become stagnant and indifferentiable. The small flat packages are often overloaded with information and color, causing them to blur together on the seed display cases in stores.


With minimalism and personalization trending, there is an opportunity to play up these features to create both a brand new design that will stand out among the current existing selection, while aiming to re-introduce the common hobby of gardening to a new and fast growing audience.


Create a brand that presents gardening as a more personal, artistic, and passionate experience. Shed light on the process, and emphasize the satisfaction and joy brought by the care and dedication invested in growing a living plant. Using simple and unexpected packaging design, this product stands out from the overwhelming number of bland seed packages that are currently available.


Beautiful works don’t happen in one day. They require time, patience and dedication to blossom into something beautiful. As on any journey, there will be setbacks and frustrations, but on OUR journey it’s the passion keeps us going. For decades past we worked together to perfect our craft and pass it on to you, along with our wisdom and support. We hope that it will bring you as much joy as it brought to us, as you take the first steps on this path. The road is long but beautiful. Take a breath. Take your time. Some things are worth waiting for.


The logo and the brand story work together to convey the delicate and personal nature of the brand. By presenting the product as a journey and an experience rather than a plain object, the brand story establishes a connection between the consumer and the brand team. The encompassing design of the logo reflects the nurturing aspect of the brand.


Sequential and hand-drawn online ads promote the ideas and themes from the brand story; “Beautiful works don’t happen in one day. They require time and patience…” as well as “Some things are worth waiting for”. The ads feature the illustrated stages of plant growth, reinforcing the idea that there is beauty in the journey.


An instruction booklet included in the seed package covers step-by-step planting and care instructions in a simple and illustrated format.  

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