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Concealing information is a common theme when it comes to many conspiracy theories. The use of vellum paper throughout the magazine allows a play on this issue’s theme of concealment through layering, overprinting and slicing of information.


Phobias are often misrepresented in the entertainment industry as being embarrassing, unnatural, and even amusing. These representations can lead to feelings of embarrassment and shame towards an illness that an individual has no control over. Such negative connotations can discourage affected individuals from seeking treatment, or even openly discussing this condition.

With as much as 10% of the U.S. population affected by one or more phobias, there is no reason for this topic to remain taboo.


There is a growing interest in scientific infographics and explainer videos. When presented in a simple and intriguing manner, these complex and previously unpopular topics become more comprehensible to the average individual, while also sparking interest and opening a door to discussion.


Create an infographic that introduces this taboo topic in a simple, clear, and intriguing manner. Focus on a design that is inviting and professional to ease feelings of embarrassment, shame, or fear. Highlight the prevalence of the condition and educate the audience about the biological and psychological root causes.


When triggered by a stimulus, a chain reaction which involves several areas of the brain is set off. This reaction determines how the body will react. Often the stimulus poses no real or immediate threat to the individual, but the brain reacts disproportionately to the severity.

This process provides an opportunity to create a unique design that illustrates exactly where the roots of phobias lie: inside the brain. The brain shaped design stands out among typical medical pamphlets while retaining essential information.


Complex data is simplified and compared to common items and processes that are familiar to the average person, for better comprehension.


Simplified visuals help reiterate the main data points of the pamphlet to allow for a clear and quick understanding of the material.

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