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The humorous tone and quirky style specifically highlight the frustrations and concerns that arise in fitness. They poke fun at common issues in a lighthearted and relatable manner while still providing clear and informative instructions on chosen exercise routines.

Silly characters can be customized to represent the user with their strong and weak points. Bright colors, teasing phrases, structured guidance and a strong, reliable community create a balanced blend of funny, yet well-structured guide to improvement.


Working to improve yourself is already challenging without the added frustration of watching those around you make progress while it feels like you are not getting anywhere. This is a common feeling among women when it comes to fitness. With the immense popularity of achievement sharing on social media, individuals are often misled to believe that an effortless journey and instant results are the norm. However, the challenges and struggles that individuals face behind the scenes are almost never publicly shared, leading to a false portrayal of the journey to self-improvement.    


The pressures of expecting instant improvement can often be eased by the realization that we are not alone in our struggles. Recognizing that others face the same challenges and struggle to overcome the same hurdles as yourself allows us to ease the (sometimes unreasonable) expectations we place on ourselves. This allowance leads to a more positive outlook, a boost in morale, and sometimes even brings humour to the situation.


Create a mobile app that unites women who face fitness challenges. Using a humorous tone and quirky style, ease the frustrations and personal doubts that women often experience when comparing themselves to the unrealistic expectations set out on social media. Highlight and joke about the low starting points and slow progress, emphasizing that is completely normal, and that you are not alone.

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