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Collaboration with Candace DeVuyst and Kerry Neale


There are many magazines that explore the topic
of conspiracy theories, but they rarely provide a
well rounded and unbiased examination of the theories presented.


Conspiracy theories spark the interest of many readers. With such a broad range of topics covered within existing theories, there is an opportunity to intrigue and entertain readers through thorough exploration and deconstruction of such topics.


Create a niche magazine focused on a wide range
of conspiracy theories. Thoroughly and unbiasedly explore all sides of the topic, and present the findings in a bold and intriguing manner. Rely on evidence rather than belief when exploring the subjects, and allow each individual to formulate
their own viewpoint on where the truth lies.


Purposefully concealing information is a common theme among countless conspiracy theories.
The use of vellum paper throughout the magazine allows a play on this issue’s theme of concealment through layering, overprinting, and slicing
of information.


When it comes to conspiracy theories, there’s often more than meets the eye. Catch 44 compels the reader to dig deeper in search of the truth through the use of dimensional ink, hidden messages and secret images.


This issue’s departments explore a wide range of topics including the most bizarre theories out there, the latest unusual sightings, and mysterious codes that are waiting to be cracked!

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